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AQ Green Tec is part of Aquila Capital

Aquila Capital is an investment and industrial development company focused on generating and managing essential assets.

Aquila Capital is at the heart of the move to decarbonise major sectors of the global economy to help prevent the huge climate risks associated with GHG emissions.

To support this, Aquila Capital invests in clean energy and sustainable infrastructure through its operations in 15 cities across the world.


Sustainability is also an integral part of Aquila Capital’s corporate strategy:

Its portfolio of essential assets have enabled the saving of over 6m tons of carbon emissions.

Its invested assets are projected to avoid up to 173m tons of carbon during their planned lifetime.

By 2030, they are targeting the lifetime avoidance of 1.5bn tons of carbon as a result of our investments in clean energy. This is a similar volume to the carbon emissions of over 150 million average European households in an entire year, or 3% of the total greenhouse gases added to the atmosphere each year. This is an ambitious target, but the current trends and the Group’s international track record support their confidence.


13 bn






12.1 GW

capacity installed & under development

>2 Mill m2

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