Carbon Management Solutions

We provide customised carbon management solutions for clients, including:
companies, sports (leagues, teams, venues), entertainment (tours, concerts, festivals) and conferences and exhibitions.


GHG Emissions Measurement and Reporting

Our approach is aligned with methodologies and standards as recommended by the GHG Protocol.
Following a scope and boundary assessment, we focus on accurate and credible data collection and management in order to calculate, interpret and communicate carbon footprint information internally and externally, including the writing and designing of carbon footprint reports.

GHG Avoidance and Reduction

We encourage clients to prioritise ways to avoid and reduce GHG emissions where possible.
By enabling clients to measure their GHG emissions, we draw attention to opportunities for avoidance and reduction. This applies equally to large manufacturing clients as it does to fans attending sporting events. ​The best way to reduce our GHG emissions is to try avoid emitting them in the first place! ​

Carbon Offsetting​

We design tailored solutions to help clients navigate this complex field. ​
Our services include; mapping of available projects, advising, sourcing according to client requirements (type, standard, geography, vintage, SDGs and other attributes) managing portfolios and retirement.

Our Live Event Tools and Services

We work in sports, entertainment, conferences and exhibitions to enable #SharedResponsibility and #CollectiveAction. ​ ​
By far the greatest GHG emissions impact from hosting live events comes from fan / attendee travel.​ We see this challenge as being our greatest opportunity. By engaging fans / attendees in the measurement process we, together with our clients, are helping to educate consumers which in turn can lead to positive behavioural change.

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