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CO2e emissions management tool

The AQ Green app is a real time collaborative CO2e emissions management tool which helps to bring customers, employees and consumers together to do more to effect environmental change, here and now.

Enable collaborative offsetting

AQ Green enables collaborative offsetting with customers and can be offered by businesses, sporting and / or entertainment rights holders as a means to drive consumer engagement. The app allows customers to offset their purchases, and opens a channel for B2C communications around collective climate impact.

Measure and track carbon emissions

The live dashboard measures and tracks monthly carbon emissions associated with activities, such as what we eat and how we travel, showing total CO2e emissions split by month.

An app-based solution for the entire value chain
If just 5% of all European Citizens became actively involved in GHG reduction initiatives, European emission reduction targets would be easily achievable. Juergen Kropp, deputy chair, Department of Climate Resilience, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and member of the AQ Green TeC advisory board.
AQ Green App



Key features include

  • Measure your personal carbon footprint
  • Track your emissions from your house, travel, food and purchases
  • Select project portfolios, from nature based, community, renewables or curated
  • Offset on the basis of a monthly subscription or as a once-off
  • Connect to select partners to receive rewards and benefits
  • Syncing with 3rd party apps to enable multiple factors to be more accurately calculated, such as home energy use and air travel*
*coming soon

Measure Reduce Offset

Take control of your carbon footprint. Calculate your greenhouse gas emissions. Find ways to reduce your impact. Discover how to offset what you can’t reduce. Act now!


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